So what is new on tuesday the 28th of october 2003?

A whole lot of wasted time has went by without any changes being made to this nice baby of mine. So I thought I might just as well add something new for shear business-purposes. My studies have forced me to write down some lectures' script called Biomechanik in german and so I created an new section called Maschinenbaustudium (in german), where visitors of this site will be able to download loads of useless engineering-shit - just joking :-) My purpose is, to let other students have a piece of the cake too (the production of learning-material by the TAKUSHI EDUCATION FACILITY that is...).

else there's nothing new, apart from me turning into an old brainless turd floating in the sewer of life...

Your beard-growing and loving-memories-sharing Ori Kabaki

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