The Lipobay-hysteria

Ori rages... I would laugh, if it wasn't that serious!

What do all these people fucking expect? Taking some medicine to overcome the fatness, they have gathered within a certain amount of years - within ten maybe twenty, maybe even forty years; what do they expect this medicine to do? Make the fat dissappear like that - is it that simple? Can You just 'burn' the fat on some places in ones' complicated body and leave it at others places? Of course, they want it without any negative side-effects! But - like with any medicine - there are possible side-effects accuring... naturally! I am not the slightest amazed or shocked, that some people die, when they take a medicine like that! You can't simply interfere with the human body without side-effects! So instead of overthinking their actions, starting with a nourishement containing less fat and more vitamins and stuff, they start to sue the producer of this fat-reducing medicine, BAYER. It would perhaps be more usefull to just eat more healty food and start working on Your body-fat with the help of sports.

Anyone, who comes up with something negative in this case, has my total disrespect! I gurantee! How is an enterprise like Bayer supposed to develope good and healthy almost side-effect-free products, when they are not allowed to fully take the profits of their developement? When, after ten years, any stinking firm like Ratiopharm can reproduce the medicine, sell it without ever having paid the slightest effort of developing it. Bayer has the developement-expences and the others happily share the outcome. Is - under these circumstances - any company supposed to develope a perfekt product, taking 10 or 20 years of effort and a lot of money, when they are not able to earn some money with it afterwards? In my oppinion: NO!

The fat meat-eating no-sports people, that need this product so badly, so they have no effort themselves except buying it, are invited to take one moment to think about the unlikelyness of a side-effect-free medicine under these circumstances!!!

The poor company Bayer has my utmost sympathy, having to deal not only with complicated medicine, but also with money-hungry lawyers and downright stupid customers.

I don't believe, there can be any product manipulating the human body, that has no negative side-effects! Side-effects also including death sometimes! That is life! Wake up!

On the day, I first read an article about this desaster Bayer stumbled in, there was also an article on the same page, that in the war in Kongo till now 2.5 Million (!!!) People died. And now tell me, this thing about LIPOBAY for fat people is of such an enourmous importance without Your face turning red!

This thing makes me really angry! Ignorant people do!

© by an enormously enraged Ori Kabaki



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