Latin girls are wanting You - so act now! received this email on Thursday, the 21st of June 2001 at about 02:45:18 from Luz Sanchez, whose existence was unknown to him, before this interesting mail arrived. The mail was entitled:
Meet & Marry the Latin Goddess of Your Dreams
As You can see, eternal luck is straight ahead! So reach out now and marry, marry, marry, whatever You please...

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If you are tired of being Lonely or Living by Yourself or you're frustrated by your love life and/or by the women in your culture, I will prove to you how you can meet and choose from over 1,000 Loving, Loyal, Drop Dead Gorgeous Girls and Women who will Love You Faithfully Forever Regardless of your age, looks or financial status.

That's Right! I know a place like "Fantasy Island" where you can meet Fresh, Young, Vibrant, Outrageously Gorgeous Women who are searching for a loving, caring gentleman to marry. Most of the ladies are well educated and come from outstanding, loving families.

Their problem is, the men who exist in their culture often practice promiscuity, believe they should be allowed to have as many mistresses as they want and are often emotionally and physically abusive.

Contrary to popular belief most of these Women don't cherish the idea of leaving their beautiful country, family and friends to a foreign culture abroad, yet every female member has paid a fee to participate and has made a commitment to do whatever it takes to find monogamous, ever lasting love.

Imagine being able to have 4, 5, 10 casual get-togethers with a different girl every time. And then at the end of the day choosing which one with whom you had the most chemistry and felt the most comfortable and then being able to take her out for an entire evening of dining, dancing or just a casual pizza and some great conversation. But sooner or later (it's usually sooner) the "Love Bug" will bite you and you will begin spending more and more time with your future bride.

I take great pride in sharing with you that I have had over 600 happy couples get married since I started my company less than 10 years ago. If you would like to speak with a gentleman who came down and stayed for a month with me and ended up getting married   to a drop dead gorgeous girl 21 years younger than himself you can E-Mail him and leave your first name, email address, telephone number, and the best time to call you and he will be in touch usually within a few hours.

This is the opportunity you've been looking for all your life. Here's your chance to meet and marry The Latin Goddess of Your Dreams regardless of your age, looks or financial status.

All you have to do is make up your mind that you are tired of being lonely and living alone and willing to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity. Then just pack a bag and show up at the airport and you are half way to heaven.  I will personally greet you at the airport when you arrive, help you with your luggage and drive you to my home. You can either stay in my home or next door at my squeaky clean, modern yet homey "Bed and Breakfast."

You can either stay stuck where you're at or you can be living the life you've always dreamed of (I promise) if you'll just give me 1% of your trust and Email me with your name, Email address, phone # and the best time to call and I'll have Rob Berry who lives in Fort Lauderdale give you a call and get all your questions answered based on fact instead of false assumptions. (You can read his story on our web site. No one is better qualified to help you than Rob.)

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or respond to this letter with the subject line "Reqest Info Latin Goddess" and
Let's get started making all your dreams come true.

My Warmest Regards
Be Blessed
Luz Sanchez

What are you waiting for? Act Now before someone else meets The Girl of Your Dreams before you!

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Wow! That's an opportunity, one is not to miss! I'm impressed and You should be too! Be aware in the internet - Your luck is out there.


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