....notes I took while on plane to Cairo - the plane was one of Egypt-Air's fleet. I was definitely thinking, I would not in any way return to earth still alive. Enjoy!

- 24.04.2000 -

important note to anyone, who might find this after we crashed down. Before take-off we had to wait at the end of the runway for about 15 minutes. The plane is really old and filthy. At least 10 times I heard a sharp "clack" beneath our seats, as if the pilots were trying to close or open something, that just wouldn't function. I haven't heard such noise on my previous fligths!  We weren't going as fast as in the previous flights either, when we took off. After about 50 seconds of airtime, the pilot nearly shut the engines down. We were going really slow. And so we still are right at this moment. On the TV-screen in the cabin there is still  no information as to where we are going or how fast. No information. We are not flying very high. about 10 000 feet
I would say - compared to our last fligths - And I am not sure either, whether we are heading in the right direction. And no information. Just this stupid screen with the Egypt-Air-logo on it. Sometimes it changes to some cryptic arabian letters I can't read...... We are going so slow and low........

......"Approaching Cairo"....... "Fasten seatbelts"..........perhaps 5000 feet in the air. The plane is getting slower and slower! Perhaps 200 km/h.......Suburbs of Cairo outside..... ...looks quite nice now :-)

....just landed :-)


Never before or after on any flights I felt so relieved when stepping out that fucking plane onto solid ground. I was sure we were going to go down and die. Beneath us the half-island of Sinai with all its big rocky mountains with no possibility to make an emergency-landing - feels awfull!

....copyright © 2000 by Ori

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