dream - 25.11.1999

dreamed by Ori...

I was sitting in the train from Woerth (city near my city - Karlsruhe) to Karlsruhe. At the end of the last car I had my own Motel-style-room with a bed, a table and a sofa.

Not very far from Karlsruhe, a girl came in, swinging her hips in front of me - wearing a red skirt, that was red, wide cut, short and white-dotted. She came to me. I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She handed me sheet of paper. A big one folded several times. She walked out of my room and I opened the folded paper - was like an envelope.......in it were lots of hair, all approximately 1 centimeter in length and smelling like an armpit, that has not been washed for a week! For there was a sligth breeze circling my room, it was filled with those sticky stinky hair in no time. They were everywhere! On my clothes, on the furniture an in the air. I was raging! After I called out a loud 'Bitch', I heard a slight laughter from the next room, where she supposedly sat.

I went there. It was a farely large room with lots of people in it. Some freak and his wife came to me, filming me with this digital-video-eyes, that were mounted in front of their right eyes. On the guys head was a colour-display, where the video, he was making of me, was playing. All arround me, in this room, there where these people, always moving about. For a short moment I saw the girl with her red skirt, but the crowd arround me was moving much to fast.

Then we were in Karlsruhe. I met up with Hardy, who does his studies in mechanical engineering with me. It was raining and we were walking home. He talked to me about this engine, he wanted to take apart to study it. He had asked an assistant of our professor whether he would answer our questions after we had demounted the engine and he had agreed to it. Hardy then wanted to give me a slight motivational push in the right direction and told me that in the last test, there had been answers that were so stupid, I couldn't believe (I'm sorry - I can't describe that technical stuff in english yet :-).

We were walking along a road that looked like I imagine a small city in Mid-France on a rainy sunday afternoon in autum to be. A policecar rolled by with a sign on its side that read: something like PRISONMEAL (sounds real trippy in german)....

...my radio-alarm-clock switched.....

© Ori Kabaki

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