dreamed by Ori on the 24th of april 2000 whilst chilling in egypt...
Stefan Schomerus and me were in a real dirty city - really fucked-up filthy. We climbed the stairs of a quite high building. Having arrived at the top, he was Michael Douglas and his girl-friend Shirley McLaine appeared. I was Humphrey Bogart. Shirley walked over to me showing her nice short dress. She then proceeded and pressed her slender body against mine and slung her right leg arround my hip. I caressed her really smoothly shaved beautiful knee.
She whispered "Come closer to me, Humphrey."
But my conscience told me not to, because she was Michaels' girl-friend. As I hesitated, she put her leg down and told me:
"Oh! So Your're impotent again, or what?"
...I awoke.