what Ori Kabaki dreamed on 11/24/1999


At first I was in my room in Karlsruhe. In the garden were loads of Merchandise-women, that were walking or sitting arround in little groups, drinking coffee. All of them were wearing those big puffy quilted vests in red with some cigarette-brand-name on it. Eventually they all quit and I found myself in Munich on some vast open area, where it had a lot of ramps to skate on - with a lot of kids skating. I was sitting beneath an watching them. Suddenly nobody was watching and I was able to check myself in the mirror without getting disturbed. After all the gap between my upper teeth wasn't that bad - that was what I thougt until I found out, there wasn't anything but gaps in my mouth - no teeth! This was looking real bad! Through a sandstone-gate back into our garden. Moritz and Simon were there. Simon showed us some sign made of blue cloth, that was sewed onto his belly - it read "Ingrid". Both of them were making jokes over the fact their dicks had a yellow dot on the left - caused by to much smoking and wanking. But I couldn't laugh with them, as mine was much smaller - I wouldn't have cared about that yellow dot. Again I went over to those kids skateboarding, but found the ramps were real crap! If a kid rode down one, it would roll into mud at its bottom and crash straight into the mud. So I walked off in search of a
skateble street. I passed the 'Kunstpark Ost' where  a lot of mobile homes where set up real close to oneanother and people were cooking their meals outside with spirit stoves. To my relief there was a street, that I started to roll down with my skateboard. I did a few tricks, avoided some moss and mud, that both would have slowed me down. Behind  a bend the street got real steep and I got real fast. I jumped off my skateboard and let it shoot about. Blaaaaammmmm! One level below my street was a second where a daddy was walking in company of his two kids. By his face I could tell he did not at all like my skateboard hit earth right next to them three. I started to - here I have to praise myself - literally 'walked' down the steep cliff, that seperated the two streets, like some chamois buck: fast and incredibly easy. Of course some big lump of rock - 8 pounds and some 40 cm in diameter - got loosened by me and disappeared over the edge of the lower street after a noisy short impact on it. 'Shit' I thought and woke up....................

© by Ori Kabaki

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