dreamed on the 24th of january 2000
- carlo schmidt - takushi food corp.

....it was at the birthdayparty of Alex Seitz and Stefan Seitz. I was lying in my room, dreaming..... At some time this friend of mine (can't give her name...... that would be to exposing for her - think I'll call her Wendy in the rest of the text) and we were off. But at first I couldn't go, because my hairstyle was too wild. I had scraped my head earlier, until the whole skin on my head was really bloody and I had very few hair left. I went to the water-tap and tried to bring them under control with a lot of water. After some time I had nearly succeeded and we went to a really nice and orderly family for dinner. It was Tuesday and they had fish for dinner. The fish was green - green meat! It was great and looked really appetizing. Wendy took one piece of it on her plate from what was still left - all the other familymembers already had a lot of the green meat on theirs and the mother said, what Wendy just had taken would be divided further into six parts, so in the end  everyone would have the same amount of the green - häääää? I didn't got that one, but I said nothing. The mother took 5 of the six parts off of Wendy's plate and gave us 5 others the 5 pieces. So there was nearly anything left on Wendy's plate except the fish's skin. Somehow annoyed we left immediately - unfortunately I hadn't even tasted the fish - and went to the PV. When we arrived someone had written  down differential equations of the following kind: deltax Carlo is sleeping in his room + delta xpunkt 2hours not on place + delta xzweipunkt dit not congratulate...... In the basement, everything was ripped out - the whole furniture, the sinks, the toilets. >From the bathroom down there a hole had been broken through the wall into the room where the beer was stored. A really big to date unknown cellar with a great vault had come into view throught that hole. Everyone from the ones who had  torn  that whole stuff down, told me that it was time to party - because they had found that vault. Wendy and me walked up to the first floor, because I wanted to dress differently for dancing - the vain beeing that I am. Somehow we got to the cashdesk of some stupid shitdisco on the way up, that was in our house and where we had to pay to get in. I had enough money for the both of us - but they took an awful lot of it. One of the security guys lost a 50 -dollar-note, that started floating away through the air. He had not noticed it, so I yelled over to him, that he had lost the 50. The security chased it ..... and finally got it back. He lifted up his arm for High-Fiving me, I responded and suddenly all the other security-boys were looking real mad at me, as though I had done something real wrong. Now I noticed he wanted to high-five some other buddy of his. Wendy and me went to a room to change clothes. There were two beds in the room. On the second bed a middleaged woman was sitting and watched me change my dress. I felt uneasy and made really slow, hoping she would look away or something, for she was looking right on my penis the whole time. But she didn't. Meanwhile Wendy found some Photos, that I had made some day, while she wasn't looking - her with an really ugly looking grin in her face, her ass, while she was bowing down, her naked and filthy and some real naughty stuff - and all these photos were on flyers and letters that some shop was using for promotion. She got real mad and ran away. I wanted to go after her, but some guy with a big plastic- comb came over to me and started to beat me with it. But me too, I found one, and so we battled with the combs - they were about one meter 50 centimetres long! I managed to get both of the combs and beat him until he ducked behind the radiator. Again I tried to run after Wendy, but at the door of the room, the other guy awaited me with a big green silicon-Hammer. He caught me and gave me one good hit with it on the left side of my head.........Lights went out. I woke up lying on a carrier when  we passed the security-guys, who were getting interviewed by a television-team about the incident - me. I felt paralyzed on one side of  my body. I just couldn't move anything there.  But what they told the TV-guys - it made me really angry. They supected, I was just showing off, to get them into trouble.  I got so mad I jumped off the carrier, my left side a nothing. I was feeling nothing. I was tumbling arround like drunk. Through all these people in the disco. I wanted to shoot these guys - me paralyzed and them telling everyone, I was just showing off. Some plans with silenced guns formed in my mind. Slightly waking up - I started to make several possible plots, how the story would end.......why Wendy got so mad? Her trousers were nearly transparent and she was bowing really:-)

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