dream - 21.11.1999

dreamed by Ori...

...first Matthias Pfalzgraf and me went to see a very bad film, that was some James-Bond-movie called "When the postman arrives just in time". Main character was some mechanical-engineering-student, that "- at the right moment - did not reach into the pockets of some Post-Robbers" and who should - with the process of the film - pay with his life, for the british queen got her post delivered in time. Suddenly I was the postman/Mechanical-Engineering-student and was standing at some post-office in front of a delivery-door. Inside were a bunch of masked post-robbers with machine-guns, who were occupied stuffing letters and packets into cloth-bags. Empty Post-boxes were flying about. Suddenly I was one of them, with my task beeing the surveillance of the whole scene to allow robbery without problems. With me I had a ZippoTM, that had some trippy gadget built-in, so I would be able to use it as a pistol. My career as gangster did not last that long anyway, when some nice handsome girl - I suppose, she was studying to work as a school-teacher sometime - discovered, who I was, took my place at the entrance and, after I had walked away a few feet, started to fire on me with office-gear, that had a built-in pistol, too. But both our equipement wasn't that good, what showed, when I was hit by some of her bullets, that got rejected softly by my chest. After that I walked away or the film ended - I don't know...... Matthias was still sitting in the projection room of the cinema, when I returned - alone - and we talked about women until 3 blonde goodlooking girls came in and started to chase us arround the room for fun, after one of us had said something funny (?) - I don't remember....I walked away. On the street outside the building everything looked just like on the poster of that James-Bond-movie - a church, that had a slightly uphill road on each side leading arround her - everything in brown-tones and with a lot of patina. Some people were there, argueing over the question, what the main-characters name was. I thougt it was Redway; but anybody did agree with me and, in the process, they chased me half-hearted up the street. They stopped. I kept walking uphill anyway and passed a house, where the owners - I still don't understand why - had with a lot of effort built a little gate next to the walkway. It was made of raw branches - the vertical ones were 10cm long, the horizontal ones 100cm - that were covered with such a thick layer of transparent color, that they looked like out of plastic. The inhabitants of the house - man, woman, child, child - were standing by and all the while complaining heavily over the fact, somebody did seem to not like them and their little gate, and had shitted on it and added some compost to it - containing lots of bananas. I walked on and passed an excavation, that was about two metres deep. My little sister Lilly and her little sister were standing in it while two girls their age were standing on its edge. The excavation had steep red loam-walls and in the middle had a scuffolding, from which a constant amount of a lot of water was dripping. Lilly and her little sister Lenna were standing under it, trying to hide from the wet enourmous snowballs the two other girls were throwing on them. I asked something to my sisters, so they - and Katharina - climbed out and came over to where I was standing. I guess I had asked Katharina something like why they were throwing snowballs at the absolutely helpless Lenna and Lilly. Katharina answered "somebody had so be the one suffering, when playing this game, and that it was Lillys' and Lennas' turn to suffer". Before it had been her and the other girl. Something absolutely unusual charming - in some tweaked way - appear in me and I told Katharina, that "she was just so lucky to be called by the the name of Katharina". While telling her that, we were positioned on the, at this place, really steep hill, so my head was a good 30 cm under hers - although she was some meter less in length than me. Eventually a really nice battle of snowballs started - I scored some hits and got hit several times. As time went on, the girls started to get better and better and I got hit right in the face by a snowball so both lenses of my glasses popped out. I stopped to repair them and woke up, because my arm was hurting badly......I was lying on it, preventing to the blood from flowing through it, causing it to hurt so much, I coulnd't move it - it was dangling arround like dead..........

© Ori Kabaki

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