dreamed on the 18./19.01.2000 by Ori Kabaki

- 18./19.01.2000 -

At some time in this night I awoke - not really in fact. My
memories are somehow quite foggy. I had to go to the toilet
really bad, but I did not find it. I was just standing, what
I found out later, in the middle of my room (10 m2), and was
desperatly trying to figure out, where to leave my room.
When I had nearly pissed my pants, I somehow decided to
dress myself to go to the University and put socks, pants, a
pullover and shoes on. I left my room for the toilet -
finally - and when I finished my business over there got
real happy. Back in my room, I sat down on the chair at my
desk, rested my head on the back of my chair and closed my
eyes. I was really tired. I sat there like that for what
seemed to be an eternity. At some point my conscience set in
and I decided it wasn't allowed for me to rest any longer,
but that I had to go to University. So I got up struggeling
with my exhaustion and went to the door to get the paper.
There was none. In my opinion, at that time, a reason more
for this day to suck. I walked down to the kitchen, to make
myself some coffee, took a look at the watch in the
microwave and thought: Shit! 2.38 in the morning!!!!

...afterwards I started dreaming real weird shit - the whole
night long. A doctor should examine me - one of his nurses
was racing arround on a skateboard and made 'Switch
Hardflips' - not so easy skateboardtrick - down 11 stairs,
that were in one of the doctors treatment rooms. Eventually
the doctor and his whole staff went on holidays with  a lot
of boys and girls, that all had gotten into some kind of
trouble with the law and that came from a nice cosy village
for old people - Lindenfels in the Odenwald in Germany.
Before that - as I remember - we were in Switzerland, where
we were sitting in front of a supermarket, complaining about
the expensive stuff in it. 2 Gangsters with stockings over
their faces wanted to rob the market. We smalltalked quite
nicely with one of them, while his partner was in there
robbing. Suddenly he started shooting at me. I was hiding
behind a car.......I got away, but remember seeing the
bullets speed in my direction, trash through the car, until
there were a lot of holes all arround me in the car.  So
then I got to this doctor. His slightly criminal kids were
allowed to assemble small tourist-presents and were argueing
about the fact, who was allowed to work on the presents. We
were last in the row and not allowed to work anything. The products,
that the kids were making got more complex the longer they were working for the doctor - some days or weeks probably - just when one
sort was finished, the next one - more difficult - was
brought by by the doctor until some of them - they were no
older than 12 years - were soldering circuit boards. At some
time shift was over and we watched the sun-down in front of
the building. From where we had worked we could see a
grandpa and his son put away logs for their fireplace. The
grandfather seemed to have collected a lot of them in a hut
on a stack before and was now, since his house was standing
quite a distance away from his house, pushing the whole hut
with the logs in it to the house with a caterpillar. And
with an enormous speed. His son was running alongside the
caterpillar - really close....he was wearing a white and red
lumber-jack-shirt. Suddenly one could not see but the shirt
coming out in a little pile behind the chains of the
caterpillar. Everyone was irritated because of the careless
grandfather. I blurely remember getting involved with one of
the youthfull fresh girls afterwards. A fire started and we had to run away. In front
of us - on the street - there was a driving a fire-truck,
that was already burning too and that was blocking our view
with thick stinging smoke. We were running uphill a steep
street and through all the smoke I suddenly noticed a tiger,
that came hopping right in my direction.....I woke up - my
whole body hurting - still everything hurts......

© by Ori Kabaki

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