dream - 17.06.2000

dreamed by Ori...

All I remember is Moritz, Hartmut, Matthias Grimm and me on a party by some skaters in some city. We were sitting on a sofa beneath the roof of the veranda of the house, where the party was taking place. I had just made some tea for us. To our left a naked woman was kneeling. The strange thing about her was, that her backbone was outside her body. It looked like an old walking-stick and was invisebly attached. I couldn't see how. Sven's sister came and asked me, what I thougt about her shape. Inspite of the sudden total darkness, I knew for sure, that she wasn't slender. So I told her, she would look crispy. She didn't wanted to hear that. I think it was because of this, that I didn't get a 'SAG-beer' or a 'SAG'-cider - that were the brand-names of the two beverages, that had just been produced for her and Sven. Don't ask me, why they were called like that. The funny thing about these beverages was, that the front-label was vertically seperated in 4 and horizontally in 2. The left row were 'Fuck'-vouchers and the right row was made of 'Love'-vouchers. Unfortunately it somehow snuck into my dreaming mind, I still had to do some shopping....

woke up....

.... what was so bad, that I still remembered it after shopping: the kneeling woman; her pussy was on her back! right between the back of her buttocks... that looked not good!

© Ori Kabaki

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