dreamed sometime in 1999..... on the 13th of september precisely! Yep!

here is...

Somehow I really liked the idea of sleeping in our very own bar at the house I live in - we have a real cosy lounge here. And so I slept there. No blanket or anything... Eventually I started dreaming... "First I was occupied designing the interior of a car.
Afterwards I went to the bar (see above), where there were already Stephan Seitz, Alex Seitz and Thorben. Stephan then told us about the interior-design of an oven - somehow there was an oven at our bar, whose interior-design was surprisingly clearly
visible from the outside. In his opinion the design was awful! And it was really awful!! So I started laughing, because it was so bad - and with me all the others. Laughing and laughing, I woke up. For five minutes - already awake! - I couldn't stop laughing out loud, because of the interior-design of this oven!!!"

I was there - at the bar - five in the morning - laughing out loud, because of an oven I dreamed of! Fortunately nobody noticed...:-)

copyright by Carlo Schmidt

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