this again was dreamed by Ori probably....

- 10/08/1999 -

Matthias Schwarz (a friend of mine), my brother Moritz and me were in the USA for a cross-country-bicycle-trip. Somewhere near the canadian border probably. We got to a small fucked-up boring town. A Used-Car-Salesman sold pretty amazing candy, what happend to be the only good thing about that town. It were some kind of cristals/half-precious stones, that were made for chewing and super-harsh. The were really trippy colored and very expensive. The sales-man loved his candy so much, he nearly wanted to kill us, as Puffy (Puff Daddy probalbly at the age of 13) dropped some, that were already his own. He was about to get really mad, when I told him, he first should examine, whether there was some damage. Bad idea, because he did and now got really angry - some were broken. We left pretty fast, but when we got to our bicycles, that were left outside town, it started to rain. So we moved back to town to find an appartement to rent. We found one, but were not allone in there. Two maniacs lived there, that continuously tried to kill each other. One of them eventually succeeded, as he rammed a
baseball-bat with the thick end first through his buddys head. My hope upon moving in was to take a shower. So I removed the coating of a pipe, to fix the shower. I didn't succeed, because, as I removed it, pink water started to come out in large amounts.  So I quit trying to shower and tried to switch on the lights in this room instead. No success again - the light-switch had four different switches and each combination of the four caused a different illumination-scenery; but none that I liked. So I quit this room for the hall, where there was a theatre with good music. I don't remember, what they were playing. What I
remember is, that my mother was one of the actors. She told everyone about an old method of hers, when asked about a beauty-product. She told us, that she would always eat much, have much sex und drink 25 ml ChineseOil (brand: "Rinem X")
in order to remain beautyful. This oil - as she told us - somehow would stick to the intestines and burn like hell. This was a commercial by now and my mother showed some ugly 30 year-old guy that drank the oil, got his buttocks massaged and of whom she showed the intestines afterwards (as deep as one could see); and like she had promised before it was all colored in a real cosy fresh pink inside him. We took off for our bicycles. I climbed a hill, to see, what crop was growing on the plantation next to the street, where our bicycles were, that we hadn't realized before, because it was coated in green plastic-sheets. It were huge (!) Melons (40 cm in diameter), that were already overripe, of the most glazing yellow and had billions of flies on it, who rose suddenly and started to swarm all arround me. Disgusting! I walked over to the bicycles....awoke..


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