dreamed on the 6th of january 2000 by someone I know....

- 01/06/2000 -

in the first scene of the dream, some druids tried to get an eel to reproduce himself.  They had placed him rolled up at the bottom of a big flowerpot, beneath all the soil in a jute-bag. They thought, that there would form a second eel parallel to the rolled up body of the first. As I remember, they cared for the flowerpot with much love for a long time, until they finally realized, the reprocution hadn't and would not work. Unfortunately I don't remember, how they got the idea. But I still know they all got in a pretty hectic mood, and that, in the process, the pot got smashed. Out came the eel. We were on the first floor of my parents house - that included an area of about 500 square-meters and whose floor was covered with wooden floorboards; additionally it all was just one room - no walls....Eventually the eel started to move - he could breath the normal air - and one could see, that he was incredibly big; 21 meters from 'head to toe'! Unbelievable sight! They druids were really depressed that their cloning hadn't worked. But at least he was still alive. Suddenly Antje and Olli of the PV joined us and Olli
unvoluntarily stepped on the corpse of the eel about 1 meter behind his head. Somehow the corpse of the eel got cut of clearly, which caused real dramatic scenes. The druids were desperate. And the short part of the eel's body began to escape the rest of its body, until one could see - in a close-up - the seperated ends of the two parts; one was a womans' face, the other a mens', that both looked panic-stricken. They made great efforts to get together again and all attendants got the impression they would succeed. They streched, tweaked themselves to get together again, smiling at each other, but it wasn't enough. They couldn't get together and reunite. The faces disappeared. And at the same moment nobody thought the slightest bit about this incident. My mother then gave some money and suggested, I saved it with a building and loan association, so I had some money saved later - like her right now - that I could donate to others. Suddenly my brother and me were on the second floor of
the building and he started so jump of a small edge - in the room there was snow and it was slightly leading downhill - through the branches of a pine-tree to the first floor on a snowboard. That worked quite well and additionally had a lot of style; he, because he didn't have much momentum, literally fell down 10 meters vertical. I tried myself - with success; later I even added a backside 180degree-rotation. Matthias Pfalzgraf and Timmy watched and came over to make their compliments - wow! Unfortunately I was rudely awakened by the phone and spontanuously forgot the remaining 75% of the dream.............could have been good....

© by Ori Kabaki

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