this one is probably one of the most poetic....

 - 05.04.2000 -

....I was on a meadow and it was summer. I don't remember
how I got there;  what I was doing there neither. It was
real nature with high grass, a lot of unspectacular wild
flowers and sligthly going down facing the south. Over the
place were some occasional small trees or bushes - all just
slightly green from the mild springweather. The sun was shining
and it was warm. Unfortunately I don't remember how and why,
but somehow I discovered, that one could float on the wind,
that was coming from all directions, if he leaned against
the wind-direction. I leaned against it - like lying on it -
and in the process was able to float some meters - fly! Like
4 or 5 meters! My feet were always hanging a little lower
than my head - my body in an angle of about 20 degrees from
the horizontal position. When landing I would point my chest
in direction to the ground as far as possible and would
touch down really smooth in the high grass. After a while I
noticed, that when moving my arms like swimming-movements, I
was able to get higher in the air. Unfortunately that was
not unlimited  for some buoyancy force-reasons - look that
up in the dictionnary, like I did :-) It wouldn't work over
some areas of the meadow. Once again I leaned against the
wind on the top of the hill and was rowing myself up like 5
meter above ground or so. It was fantastic. Farther down the
meadow was some sidewalk where I could see small
pedestrians. I wanted to show them, that I had discovered,
how to fly - a least some meters - and tried to shout for
them to look over, but they heard nothing. Now I had left
the area over the meadow with the best buoyancy and was
falling down again. I tried to row, but only with the effect
of getting  faster and faster. I saw the grass coming upon
me faster and faster and made a slight bend to the left away
from the sidewalk. The grass coming nearer and nearer, I
prepared for the landing - arms and legs stretched out to
the sides, chest pointed out to the ground.......... It was
only in the last moment before touchdown, that I noticed,
where exactly I was going to land, while already touching
the first of the highest blades of grass; right next to the
point, where I would land, were two stacks - yes, that word
- of deer. All of them kid-deer and each stack about 20 of
them, one above the other. Next to both of the stacks was
lying one big old deer. I touched ground right beside the
deer-mum. She awoke and got up, roared loudly with the
effect, that both of the stacks resolved and all the
deer-kiddies were suddenly running and hoping away in all
possible directions. Some of them also in my direction; and
in front of them all the deer-mama, heading straight in my
direction. I tried to run, but to no avail......When her
head was about 30 cm from mine......I woke up.......

You think : "I have to comment on that one..."

copyright by Carlo Schmidt in 2000