dream - 03.03.1997

dreamed by Ori...

....first I was part of a special-armed-squad. I had a gun. We were getting on a mountain by the way of a ski lift. On the top we then walked through a real narrow street in an old farming village. We got to a very old farmhouse-style Restaurant. It seemed to me, this was some kind of fashionalble 'In'-Place. The only available beverage was german whitewine out of 'Bocksbeutel'-bottles. The dining-room was built on a really steep slope. Everything was on a such extrem slope, that the guests constantly had to hold on something to prevent them from sliding downhill to the lowest point of the room. Everything was on a slope. The chairs, tables, even the dishes. The plates and glasses all had wedges underneath to prevent them from slipping downhill.

Suddenly Simon and me saw ourselves hunted by the squad and got into a tiny train on two tiny tracks. It started to go down the mountain at an amazing speed up in the air, the tracks only supported by very thin iron bars. Simon constantly tried to slow us down, but it wouldn't work. We were heading into a left-hand-bend about 150 feet up in the air over steep rocks, that were now beneath us. All the time it seemed like we were going to fall down the suddenly 3000 feet of space, that were between the train and the earth, because the tracks seemed to exist no longer. But each time our train reached the end of the tracks, a section appeared.

That happened five or six times. Then the tracks ended definitely. We were falling into a very high tree. Everyone - some people had misteriously joined us - was trying to hold on the branches to slow down their fall. We were falling and falling, holding on the branches. Only 6 feet left to the ground. I nearly stopped, still sliding a bit until I finally slipped very slowly headfirst onto the ground. The pressure on my head contantly increased, until I woke up and noticed, that my head was stuck between the matress and the shelf that's installed at the end of my bed......

© Ori Kabaki

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